Sunday, 28 February 2010

ECW Artillery

These 28mm English Civil War artillery pieces and crew are made by Bicorne Miniatures. In all the ECW games I've taken part in the artillery has been utterly useless but the big'un would make you think twice wouldn't it!
The guns come with barrels of powder, buckets and piles of shot which add to the vignettes.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More Flintloque

Back to the wierd and wonderful world of Valon from Alternative Armies.
This first figure is the Finklestein Dwarf, Baron Von Rotte astride his Pig charger "Bristle". He's one of a limited casting of 1000.

Below is a free promotional figure given away with orders of 'Death in the Snow' a Flintloque suppliment. this used to be Deadloque in the old days! He is a Ferach Elf, Colonel Raylen Durandus of the Imperial Postal Service!

Finally 3 Dwarves from the 'Severed Ears War' up coming range.

Imperial Guard as WW2 Germans??

I was asked to paint some GW imperial guard in WW2 German uniform colours. I was supprised when the figures arrived to see that most of them were old Rogue Trader era figures and I was a little reluctant to 'spoil' these highly collectable miniatures. I think however the end result works well and I'm quite proud of them!

Dark Angel Tactical Squad

Happy New Year!
Before Christmas I was asked to do a small commission as a present for someone. Ten figure Dark Marine Tactical Squad. I had a bit of trouble getting the required green but a wash sorted out the problem. Not too happy with the decals but I have since invested in some Micro Sol and Micro Set to try to help future attempts.........must experiment!