Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Army of the Caliphates

28mm Musketeer Miniatures, Army of the Caliphates range.

I painted these figures for a fellow member of the Escape Committee club for a Dark Age skirmish game. It was nice to be able to paint such bright colours for a change! The shields are hand painted. Little Big Man make shield tranfers for this range but because of the variety in shapes and sizes of shield supplied I would have had to buy several sheets of transfers.....only had 12 shields anyway!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

15mm Napoleonic French

I had to paint some more French Guard Cavalry and some Carabiniers for our recent Waterloo club game. Using Piquet Field of Battle rules a unit is only 4 bases, so only 8 figures per unit, this is a nice change from General de Brigade which I used to use which requires about 24 figure cavalry units!
All these figures are Fantassin ( WarModelling ) which are large 15mms about the same size as AB's.

Perry Plastic French Fusiliers

I was recently sent a couple of Perry Plastic Napoleonic French figures to paint. I must admit that I have not looked twice at these figures since they were released, me being a lead snob! I am converted now, they are beautiful figures, a delight to paint and I must have!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

ECW Command and Dragoons

All these figures are from Bicorne Miniatures. Possibly the nicest ECW figures I've painted but not sure about William Waller's huge head!

Iraqi Republican Guard

Back to 20mm Moderns. This time R H (Liberation Miniatures) with S and S Models Vehicles. I'll have to get a Shilka to go with my Russians, love that model. Painted the IRG in a mix of green and camo uniforms from photos on the web. The lads on the Guild commented that they didn't have moustashes ( quite right!) so I had to tash and 5 O'clock shadow them up. Loads more pics on Flickr link.