Sunday, 9 August 2009

Iraqi Republican Guard

Back to 20mm Moderns. This time R H (Liberation Miniatures) with S and S Models Vehicles. I'll have to get a Shilka to go with my Russians, love that model. Painted the IRG in a mix of green and camo uniforms from photos on the web. The lads on the Guild commented that they didn't have moustashes ( quite right!) so I had to tash and 5 O'clock shadow them up. Loads more pics on Flickr link.


  1. those are cool. U have a nice hand!! Do u sell these or do u just do it for fun??

  2. These are mine - these are mine. Ah. An AAR is soon to come using Force On Force rules. And once my Silfor Tufts arrive I can finish off the bases of these minis.